The Backbone of Good Health

Good posture is essential to a good night’s sleep. Whether you are standing up or lying down, your spine should always be aligned. This is because a straight spine puts less strain on your hips and shoulders.

Since no two spines are the same, all of our Harrison beds are available in different levels of support: gently supportive, medium support and firm support. This is achieved by varying the tensions in the Revolution spring. You and your partner may have different requirements, so we can even tailor each side of the same mattress to a different level of firmness. For this reason, we believe it is essential you visit one of our bed experts to ensure you select the mattress that gives you the best sleeping posture.

Just Right

When a mattress is just right for you, it works with you and supports your body evenly. This alleviates any pressure and keeps your spine perfectly aligned.

Too Soft

When a mattress is too soft for you, it can put severe pressure on your lower back. It is not only uncomfortable, but it can cause stiffness the following day.

Too Firm

When a mattress is too firm for you, it can create pressure around the shoulders, hips and knees, causing a restless night.

Spring Technology

Inside every Harrison bed, there are several thousand of miracles of engineering at work. Benefiting from the most innovative technology in the world, a Harrison bed will adapt to your body's unique shape, regardless of your sleeping position. Our Millennium award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system, combined with our High Density (HD) pocket springs, means a Harrison mattress offers unrivalled levels of comfort and support.

Comfort from Nature

We pride ourselves on the 100% natural fillings used in our hand-made mattresses. Each luxurious filling pad that is layered into a Harrison bed is made from the finest natural fibres, some of which are grown on our very own farm. More exotic materials such as cashmere and Egyptian cotton are carefully sourced to ensure their quality, before we blend them into sumptuous fillings at our Leeds factory.


Luxury meets strength
Silk is a luxurious fibre found in many Harrison mattresses. Its natural moisture-absorbing qualities help our beds to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Softer and stronger

The double coat of the Cashmere goat is soft and smooth, but also highly resilient. While the outer layer is durable, the fine, soft under down is lighter and more insulating than other wools.


The finest of textures

Softer and smoother than wool, this fibre's texture gives it a more luxurious feel. It is used in the top filling layers of the mattress.


Grown in Yorkshire
Flax is the fibre used to make linen. It is a strong, light and sustainable material that creates breathable organic fillings, helping to improve moisture management.


Grown in Yorkshire
Hemp is a highly absorbent material and is naturally resistant to mildew, helping to keep beds fresh and hygienic.

Cotton and Egyptian Cotton

Cool Comfort
Soft and absorbent, cotton has strong wicking properties. Egyptian cotton is softer and longer in length, and is perfect for keeping you cool and dry.

Sheep’s Wool

Home-grown softness
Soft, springy and naturally supportive, wool keeps you warm and dry. It’s also anti-bacterial and, as it's inherently fire retardant, there’s no need to use chemicals in any of our beds. And because we raise our own sheep it’s also more sustainable.


For sumptuous layering
Durable, springy and hardwearing, horse hair provides versatile and sumptuous layering. It is a uniquely resilient fibre which we use in many of our high-end mattresses for its supportive attributes.

White Curled Hair

Naturally supportive
The natural bounce and curl give loft and comfort, while also being resilient and durable. The hollow fibres enable humidity to be extracted, encouraging a micro-climate around the body.